AVG anti-virus software- mine has a mind of its own

May 11, 2009 11:05pm CST
Being concious of the need for internet security, I, like most people, have protection software on my computer. I bought mine through AVG, because they offered a service on multiple computers (we have 3 with internet access) over 2 years. For the first couple of months, it was good. No problems at all (once we had set it up properly). Now, it is terrible. Half the time it won't let me access the internet at all, and the rest of the time, I have to go and change settings to gain acess to anything, including my own computer files (which aren't on the internet at all). Every time my computer starts up, AVG changes the firewall setting on me, and I have to go and change it back. This is happening despite the fact I have used the configuration wizard to permenantly set it to my needs. It is driving me nuts! If anyone out there knows the secrets of this application, please let me know as I am ready to send a not so happy email directly to the company to complain about the problem. Keep in mind, I have paid over $200 (australian) for the privilige of having AVG dictate to me how to use my own computer! My computer has Windows Vista (home premium), and I thought that might have been a problem, but my research found that AVG and Vista are compatible in all areas. And, if you have had similar experiences with AVG or other antivirus programs, share them with me. I need to know that I am not the only one about to make some poor customer service consultant quit their job!
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@tuyakiki (3018)
• India
12 May 09
Thanks for sharing this information about AVG.I thought it was the best Antivirus software.I use AVG Anti-Virus Free. And so far it works well on this laptop. My brother installed it. I believe that he got this idea from his friend. It must be a great pick, if he chose it for this laptop. I have tried the other ones, and I can't remember the results that it gave me. With AVG, I am able to get a complete scan to our laptop periodically. So, it informs me of any possible threats and malicious behavior. I find this to be very reassuring. With all of the secret hackers out there, this eases some of my anxiety about our laptop getting infected. But I don't know why are you getting troubled about this software.
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• Australia
12 May 09
Thanks for your response. I do think AVG is the best. Just for some reason, it doesn't like the computer I use. It is fine on my husbands computer and on my other laptop, just not this one. I keep having to reset the settings to what I want every time I log into my computer. And AVG has a frustrating way of altering all my search engine properties, which, again, I have to change all the time. The trouble shooting guide states that you just use the configuration wizard and it will save and remember your chosen settings, but as yet, no saving and no memory. I was just interested in seeing if others had come across the same problems or if there was a more experienced computer tech out there who knows how to work magic for me! lol.
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