~~It's going to be a stressful day for me today!!

Mathematics and Chemistry textbook content page - The chapters that i need to cover for my test tomorrow!
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May 12, 2009 12:35am CST
Hi there,today would be a very tiring day for me because tomorrow i will be having my mid-year exam with two important subjects that is Mathematics and chemistry.And now,i still don't understand some of the topics of what they are talking about and don't know how to do maths question on certain topics.How i wish my mathematics and chemistry teacher would be at my side now teaching me all those stuff that i still don't understand.Guess i have to pay more attention in class next time.Have you all experience something like what i have experience now?If yes,please share with us.And for now,i will go and revise my subjects,i will reply to response if there is any later during my resting time~
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12 May 09
hmm yes i have had that exact experience, hm while i was in high school i had to take 2 English classes due to me not passing one in my earlier year, and it was 12th Grade English and 10th grade English, and well from what i saw, both teachers had the same work just higher reading level books, and i realize that they both teach differently one of them would teach better than the other, and i realized that the 10th grade English teacher, would teach way better, than the 12th grade teacher, so in the 12th grade English class, i would have a hard time, due to the teacher not being clear enough even tho i would ask questions, but at the same time , in the English class i would have a easier time due to the teacher covering all the right subject, so i guess it depends on the teacher on how we do, but to put it in short lol yes i have had that experience
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12 May 09
Hi,Thanks for sharing :D