earthquake robed of many people's life

@Ruby722 (797)
May 12, 2009 12:53am CST
Last year in this day this moment. In our country(China) Sichuan province occured a big strong earthquake(6.8 level) i think all of chinese people remember this moment.There were 48665 people died in this many children lost her/his parents how many people lost her/his family.No words can describe how sad they are. how sad we are.Because we are "family"we live in the same country in the same world.we speak same language.we are together... When we watch TV the house just come down .the parents in order to protect they child and then put them child below them arm they want to try cover the baby.then they were died.and the police find the baby was safety.And another the same case a mother in order to protect her baby put below her body then her died and she have a message didn't send out said" my baby,mother maybe won't be with you anymore and can't be with you grow up.Sorry,I just want to you know that mother love you so much".When i saw this i was cried. We are so happiness cause we are live in a safe and comfortable environment.So we must be more treasure now we have. 5.12 is a big day for all of our chinese.i wish everything will be fine.Deep and deep mourn.2.28PM all stuff stop all stand in silent for three minutes
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• China
13 Aug 09
I'm a Chinese student from Hebei province.At that day I was having class,when suddenly all the world began to roll.I think we should come up to rebuild our more beautiful tomorrow.
• China
3 Aug 09
i think that is all chinese people'bad things,we should unity
@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
17 May 09
Hi,ruby,i remember May 12,it ever made many chinese people sad and made world was bad day but i believe that after that bad day,many chinese people know well how to cherish life and people and family.good luck to all.