What is your reaction when your kid got sick? A simple tips helps everyone at ea

May 12, 2009 2:32am CST
Before when my son got sick or he's having a high fever is, lie him down then take off his clothes and prepare a cloth with cold water. Then, wipe his neck and armpit, his body til the heat temperature subsides. Change his clothes and let him wear cotton shirts and pajamas. Once i'm done, i gave him a water to avoid dehydration. I learn also how to sit and talk with the Lord asking the Power of His Mighty Hands to touch and heal my baby. A simple as that, we helped them at ease physically and help ourselves be dependent in the amazing Works of God. well, how about you?
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• United States
12 May 09
My daughter got a fever last night. It was 102.5. She was tired and cold. We dont want to get all of us sick so we sent our son downstairs to watch cartoons for a while why we let her stay upstairs. We turned on the air conditioner and gave her tylenol. My hubby said a prayer for her and 15 minutes later her fever broke. We are treating her like she is still sick just so we dont spread any illness but otherwise all is well.