BERMUDA Triangle

May 12, 2009 9:31am CST
Hey I have listened a lot about barmuda triangle It is very interesting as i listened But I don't know too much about it can any body tell me something in brief about it to know that what actually it is...
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@commanderxo (1494)
• Canada
12 May 09
The Bermuda Triangle (also known as The Devil's Triangle) is a 1.5 million square mile (4,000,000 km) area of ocean, basically defined or formed by: Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the southern tip of Florida. It's been said that, paranormal events occur within this region, in which the laws of physics and space-time, do not apply. Though these events or occurrences remain a mystery, it has been established that there is some kind of electromagnetic abnormality which DOES occur within the region, and has affected the disappearance of ships and airplanes several generations...and/or centuries. However, only the many reported "abnormal events" can be speculated upon at this time. I have on one occasion traveled through its northern tip...and I must say that what was experienced that day, was definitely strange. Prior to entering this region, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sky brightly sunlit, of a gorgeous blue, and completely cloudless, as far as the eye could see. The ocean was moderately calm that day, and there was also blowing, a very gentle cool breeze. It was just a magnificent day all around. Picture perfect. Upon entering the triangle, the previous scenario INSTANTLY changed! There was no sunshine, due to the blackness of a full clouded sky, like that of thick black smoke. It was increasing in fog as well, as the ship entered further. The wind picked up almost instantly, making the temperature suddenly drop to chilliness, and causing the sea to violently splash up in unusual waves. What's interesting to note, is that it it seemed to me, to not last for very long. If I were to guess, perhaps only 15-20 minutes...after which the sky, the sea, and the temperature, RETURNED to normal as if nothing had happened at all. What was also interesting, was that I had noticed that my watch had stopped during the incident, yet worked perfectly fine afterward. Lastly, I found out from the Captain of the vessel, that the ship was approximately 4 hours behind in its voyage! This is an absolutely TRUE story, and happened to me and my (then) wife back in 1982, while honeymooning our way by ship, to Nassau. cdrxo
• India
13 May 09
Thanks for giving me this information It is really amaging thanks