Working as a employer or setting up your own business?

May 12, 2009 9:36am CST
Hi everybody, I came across a term from a person who I visited regarding some mlm business, he said that if we work in a office or a company we work to make the employer rich but if we speand the same time working in a business such as mlm where selling product is concern, we make ourself rich. He actually confused me with that term. Any advice from mylotters. Do you think MLM business which is like you sell a product and leading your own team brings you money? Anyone with any experience?
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@lampar (7591)
• United States
19 May 09
First of all, i do not believe working for someone will make him rich , on the contrary, my employer give me a chance to make a decent living and let me grow personally. Whether my employer can be rich or not, is because of his own hard work and intelligent that make him rich and not the employees. Second, mlm business is probably a much easier work for someone who has wide contact and willing to work hard to achieve his goal than working for a company, whether he is going to get rich or not, a lot has to do with his own initiative ,hard works and knowledge.
• Philippines
13 May 09
can you please explain what mlm means? is it more of a networking type of business?