New Star Trek movie?

May 12, 2009 9:44am CST
Star Trek was just released in Cinema on Saturday, in Wales, and I suppose most of Europe. Anyway, I was a bit of a Star Trek Freak at one point, not a Star Trek Geek Mind, although in terms of knowledge about Aliens, Ships, Characters, I outgrew my father, who had been a fan of sorts for years. Anyway, Ido anticipate this movie a lot, and from what i have read it is pretty good, if not really good. Another film Im looking forward to are Transformers 2 and Terminator 4: Salvation. But I just wanted to know what, you all thought about the film if, you have seen it? Hoiow does it compate to the other movies in the sense...Which ones do you think it is better than, and ones which it is not better than? And do you think it is worth Watching?
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@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
19 May 09
I've seen it today and it was pretty good, way better than I expected. I'm not really big fan of the series but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the movie.
19 May 09
Well I think I might go and see it then, thanks for response.
@egdcltd (8548)
12 May 09
I've seen it. Although it's quite a good film, it does have the potential to seriously annoy long term fans of the series.
12 May 09
Thanks for the response.