Special Names-Is it really all in the name?

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May 12, 2009 10:34am CST
My sister is looking for a good name for her daughter that will be here in july. We have bounced around with all diffrent ones, but she really wants a unique name with a special meaning. Any Ideas?? And Do you think that a name has anything to do with the type of person you end up being?(Some one once told me that its all in the name-just wanna see what you guys think)
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12 May 09
I dont think that names really have all that much to do with how a person turns out. I think it is partly nature and partly nurture. I know several other people with my first name. There is a huge range of personalities and lifestyles! I dont see how one definition could fit all of us. Your sister could always go with an older name. Things like Elaine, Gertrude, Marian, Phylis, and Mildred are no longer common. It would be something that everyone would recognize so the child wouldnt have to go through their entire life with a name no one knew how to pronounce! But there probably wouldnt be anyone else that she knew with the same name! Congrats on your niece! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well and everyone is healthy!