Mirror's edge Vs prince of persia- the two thrones

May 12, 2009 3:02pm CST
Do u thnk dat mirror's edge is a game better than prince of persia- the two thrones................................... Share ur experience n views
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• United States
13 May 09
For me personally, I like The Two Thrones. But there's they key - personally. No matter how you argue the technical merits of each game... ultimately it comes down to personal preference. It's an almost moot point. If you're considering purchasing one, then it's good to get an idea, yeah, but it'd probably be better to just look at say, game reviews and compare scores. That way you have a more quantified (although still subjective) look at which is "better", at least on average. Still, a game could be the worst game in the world rating-wise and you could love it - the best bet would be to try it out. Otherwise... I think it's useless to even consider the question "Do you think video game A is better than video game B?" It's like asking, "Is peanut butter or jelly better?" The answer will differ and anyone else's answer will just be like, "Oh, that's interesting, but here are my views." You know what I mean? Buuuuuuuuuuut yeah... to answer your question I like The Two Thrones better because I played through the whole Sands of Time Trilogy (Sands of time, Warrior Within, And the Two Thrones) and I love the story progression. haha Sorry for the tirade/rant... I spend a lot of time reading about games and I always hate it when I see arguments that are pointless... not that there was an argument here, but I just needed to vent a little.