Falling Stars....

May 12, 2009 7:26pm CST
I'm a bit confused as to how stars are awarded here.. When I first hit the 100 milestone I had an 8 star. Then last week I went up to a 9 star and now I'm back on 8 star. If the number next to the star is high does that mean you're doing good or bad? Just want to understand the star rating system... any help will be appreciated.. Cheers
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@Jennlk84 (4216)
• United States
13 May 09
The stars are all based on how others rate you. Do you see the little + and - sign to the right? You use those to rate a persons post. I believe starts are completely based on how people rate you with those two symbols! If I am wrong, please - someone correct me. The star numbers can be constantly changing because people are constantly rating your posts.
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@rosekiss (30328)
• Eugene, Oregon
13 May 09
Mine has fluctuated since I have had it. It goes up and donw like a yo yo lol. I really don't worry about it though, as I am here to have fun and not be so serious. Howerver, I do like to post quality posts, as that is how I get paid. To me the ratings aren't all that important. I feel that if mine goes up, great, and if it doesn't then fine. You can't please some no matter how good your posts are, so I really don't try. I have received just a few best responses though and that was totally unexpected. I think the best response can help your rating as well. God luck to you and happy mylotting.