Despite its sympathy

May 12, 2009 9:21pm CST
In June this year, let me restless! In his words this month, is black. My heart has become very complicated and has become a very bad temper ... ... also finally understand that love him in this long and painful way, I only one thing wrong, that is, to abandon their studies. If we had, I , would like some more, I would like some far. Perhaps this is why we love the day. However, everything is too late. because I do not know whether he still remember me?, whether they still remember the feelings I told him! sky it began to drizzle, he once again clearly the figure appeared in my mind. At this point the feeling of their hearts, as in his favorite mint chewing gum, cool until the bones. He was never to be forgotten. I would like the next life if I was willing to meet with him, even if it should bear the thought of thorns. only this life, enough is really enough! "despite its sympathy, quietly mad, a man eager to be embraced, drive the spread of loneliness ... ...
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