Love the ending

May 12, 2009 9:40pm CST
The summer of that year she and her 22-year-old in his 19-year-old to work with a company, but in different places; because it is a catering company, so there will be a number of subordinate branches. In the event of the story, they only time in her communication companies to go to work in his practice. Perhaps it is more hard work and better your character, she as soon as possible in order to become masters of our own work, and work did not care about the people irrelevant. Arrangements tend to God's expectations are always exceeded. After her internship for a few days, due to the lack of the company's cashier (she was only a member of internship drinks and food and beverage in the industry has never done. The company also makes express provision for staff rose to cashier drinks at least half a year or more in our work), the leadership of her conversation. The talk is expected of her, because she feels that he has adapted to the environment here, but she did not expect to transfer her to another shop and that shop is the most tired and most relationships shop complex. However, she agreed because she wanted to give their chance. In this way she came to a strange environment. She has been wary of doing their job, and everyone familiar with it slowly. May be due to the reason she wants a woman, her many suitors. But she always did not feel the kind of heart, so everyone has been a good friend, so we also like to discuss. Just then, he has transferred from another shop in her store, but the security here, they seem to come into contact with a little more time, go together at work, they are living in single quarters, to go along with There is another girl, her friends, the rest are generally male, girlfriend, so can not quarters. He always repeat the words, so how can you love laugh ah, yes not because of the arrival of my ah? She was always back to his sentence, you are less beautiful. Once at noon, by bicycle, he told her, she readily agreed to the (as she is such a character, so to anyone, as long as their help on the busy, she will be very brisk). But he did not come to work this afternoon, said that he leave the leadership. She was displeased with a Silk, think: he clearly rest also by bike, how I do at night ah? Yes, there is a small United States, so she carried it, like a good way to feel at ease after she had to go to work. But the work did not expect, he profusely to a long stream, and riding a bicycle, the other hand is also pushing a, smirk and said: "I come to pick you up." She smiled , and was a strange feeling of a hard nut to crack. Slowly they do not know when it seems there is a hard nut to crack, between the tacit understanding. Do not remember is the day, they in the park at night she gave him his own. In her way back to tell her that you do not need to be assured on when it had never existed. But he did not agree. She cried secretly, she think she is really falling in love with him. When love is one of the world find themselves the happiest people on it. Both of them together the first Valentine's Day, he gave everyone in front of nine of her roses, she moved, because this is the first time she received roses. Also to her selfish people who have lost hope completely. In this way they have been so happy with. But she suddenly seemed to find themselves pregnant in the verification, after all that he also knows that because two things between men and women know very little, so very afraid, especially the work he is always absent-minded. Finally, under the guidance of his family, they went to the hospital. But her good distressed, because it is the crystallization of the love between them, ah, but how well do? During this day, he was very careful to take care of her slowly come out from the shadow. So she resigned, she can not be done here, because her people are not good feelings between them, leadership is always advised her, but she is indifferent. Had come back after the Spring Festival, they rent out a house, have a genuine two-person world. A long time, and also the escape of the shortcomings of their own, so the argument is a normal thing, perhaps have not yet prepared to do once he finally, and tough, her heart broken, but that really breaking up without that determination, together with the fault itself Moreover, he had to admit their mistakes, and that there will be no more next time. Things are often the first time will have a second, she has been put down, also said she is not clear why, in this one for him, she had two pregnancies, but he no longer had to look after as before her, even if it did not she leave him. Although his heart wavered, but ultimately chose to continue, she did not know that they come together to end. He said at this time to return to his urban development, because he has tired of the city, she can not, after all the tears he left behind, he walked with her heart away. She did not know whether he still loved her, if the love? Why does not love change? Do not love? But he said that he loves her. He gave her a call that he had a car accident, in the hospital, I hope that she come with him. After listening to her crying because she heard a very serious, but she can not go because she was not allowed to work, but he had not children, and not lost their jobs. So she did not go, perhaps he was disappointed, perhaps he feels that she is not good enough to do. But after she went to see him, and left a scar on his face, she felt he was very handsome. Three years have passed, she is a reminder to everyone of the age of marriage, and her classmates have children in general, and she is still waiting for him, because she could no longer of any person without feeling. He is different because he is smaller than her, so I do not like. He did not want to come to her city will not even look at her, she is still waiting for him, and she hoped that one day she can move him. Although her family do not agree with the feelings, but she insisted that she only waited for him to give her the answer. But why he said he loved her, but do not want the city to her (because she's the city's urban development than he gets better, but she felt that he should also have a lot to leave the mountain city), why he said she also loved, but do not want to see her for some time? Why would not give her phone for a long time, even if she gave him information he did not return, but occasionally contact her? Why is the Internet met him hastily with her only to say a few words? Why he did not want her to spend a little time? Sometimes cry thinking about her thinking, the cry for no reason at all. Also to boost the morale of their own, feel that he is busy, he is the kind of heart that people, we feel that he may also miss her heart. However, some feel that self-deception. However, she was telling myself in the end he will be moving day! But how much she can afford to waste their youth ah! She hoped his birthday can be had with him. This is her last chance to own, if he does not explain the past and will not have her, perhaps they really want to have the story of the tragedy of the end! Do you think the outcome of what they do
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