Don't slam you car door shut when you are angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

United States
May 12, 2009 10:22pm CST
I did this last night after I found something I had applied for I have to do again because I didn't fill out all the paperwork! Anyway after I put something in my car I slammed the drivers door! This morning I couldn't get that door open! All morning I had to get in and out the passanger side of the car! I thought I would have to take the car in to have the door fixed! I don't have to! I figured out the interior of the door in side the car was the problem. It turns out I loosed the door's interior and it keeps getting stuck in the corners of the door frame when I close the door! That is good news! To open the door I have to push it open from the inside! It a pain but at least I can get it fixed when I do see my younger brother! My advice is;Count to 10 or vent with a good friend before you do something that might get you in trouble!
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@hsofyan (3447)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
13 May 09
I do not understand what can happen. There is corruption in the alarm system? Or ...?
• United States
14 May 09
I don't have an alarm system on my car. i just got mad at something none car related and took it out on the car! That is why I slammed the car door in the first place!
@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
13 May 09
I won't slam my car's door no matter what is the situation. I'd better slam my bedroom's door. Slamming our car's door when we are emotionally lost control or getting mad temperament usually remains regretness later if something wrong happened with our car. Car, for most people, is also their couple in life. So we should treat it carefully. Remember that when we are going with our car, that's mean we put all our live inside the car. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@Qaeyious (2361)
• United States
13 May 09
I will add, "... or any door" actually - I caused a number of doors to fail because of my anger. Counting to 10 or venting is very wise advise.