InterADmedia, browsing that pays you daily!

@anangf (1146)
May 12, 2009 10:37pm CST
You can browsing the net with yahoo, it's fun. they pay you every minute browsing your favorite sites
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@jakeb1 (562)
• United States
13 May 09
I have never heard of this site. Is it a trusted and reliable site? Do they pay by PayPal or other payment processor? They really pay per minute just for browsing? Thanks for the info.
@sujaysen (594)
• India
13 May 09
I have already been a member since 19th April, 2009. at first they were crediting my balance well. But since 3 to 4 days my balance is increasing very slowly. I don't know whether it is for their website maintenance or up gradation purpose or not. I have written them in their contact box for two to three times. But there is no reply from them. I had tried to find their e-mail Id but failed. Can you provide their e-mail Id or address? So, I am getting bored day by day. Almost all sites I found does this type of behavior when you are nearly to their minimum payout. Again I will ask them and let me see what the result happens. In the meantime please try to give their contact addresses.
• Canada
26 May 09
Its most likely because of the change in credit. They used to credit 1Cent per minute, now its 0.1Cent ever minute
@fergus (817)
• Ireland
13 May 09
Hi anangf, I will try that can you send me a link please thanks.