Nice Quote For Beginner Singer or Performer

May 13, 2009 12:33am CST
Hi all, I loved to sing. Just one year ago I have this hobby. And I followed 3 times competition in my region. When first time I sing at the stage my legs are shaking !!! can't move, 2nd times my legs don't shake anymore, because before I came up to the stage I told this quote to myself. Read carefully. "It's your show, every eyes to your stage. So yeah, Blow'em with your voice !!!" It's nice quote isn't it ? I got this quote when I googling about singing technique. Yeah it's not my quote, But I like this quote, pumps my guts up. So for you all beginner performer, you can use this quote when you want to perform at the stage. If you're a comedian simply just change the last word into jokes, and etc. It helps me, hope it helps you :wink:
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