Google Raise My Daily Income From 0.19 - 1.20 per hours..

May 13, 2009 4:31am CST
I've been with google for almost a year now, couple days ago google sent me a note's regarding i've achieve my daily goal.. But my PR has gone from 3/10 down to 1/10.. I know this is not because of the adsense i've add but it's because of the popularity.. Hope the PR will come back to me!! I'll try to win this back.. If you a google member on adsense, developer, statistics or anything regarding google!! Don't trust what people were saying.. Trust your self to make some improvements.. Paid To Click still active!!! P/s Improve yourself daily!! As i were trying to improve my own self!! Quote : We have to dedicated our self to make a sales improvements, but sometimes we failed and we stop, but why must you take a bath everyday?
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