ok silly questions about advertising

United States
May 13, 2009 6:08pm CST
Hey ok going to use a metafor BAMM each time an ad comes up in one way or another. Do you know that we are all trying to promote something BAMM an email ad right in my face. Did I subscribe to these people how did they get my email address. BAMM a commercial on tv making our mouths water. Or stomachs turn,plus think about this. On the internet ads BAMM up in your face everytime your on a webpage. Have you ever noticed the ones on Kentucky Fried Chicken BAMM, your trying to get to the mexican restaurant and a person in a chicken costume crosses the road. Holding tongue on that joke. But it makes the rest of the ride momma I want this or that. Or tantrums, you never give me anything. What a shock that they think the average person is so simple minded. So you people on the internet how do they get our email addresses? To you people on the tv did the food look good or insurance plan?Was it the cost or the business it came from? These questions came about when I realized finally that all these ads BAMM..Or how everyone is making sales. I have 2 sites and can't make a sale on one. I do know for sure that some people pay for the email lists from places. I have 3 lists from people who gave up thier free email listings. Not sure if they are as unsuspecting as us in this regard .
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