Please help me think of a design.

@beamsey (425)
May 14, 2009 12:39am CST
My second cousin wants me to paint her shoes. She loves pink and Hello Kitty so those are the themes I'm going to use. I've though about doing a patterned look using Hello Kitty's face as the pattern. The way I see it, the shoes would be white then there would be Hello Kitty faces all around it, the faces would just be outlines and would be in pink. But I thought this wasn't something a 10 year old would particularly like. Any help would be much appreciated.
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@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
15 May 09
I don't think a ten years old will like something too fancy. Maybe you can pain the shoe pink and just one hello kitty's face at only one side of the shoe. Like you said just the outlines. Pink shoe with just a white hello kitty face at the side.
@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
30 May 09
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