what can you say about those who are sleeping during homily?!

@ckyera (17332)
May 14, 2009 1:22am CST
what can you say about those people who sleeps in the church during homily? omg! i can't really understand them,... the reason why we go to the church is to receive the words of God & worship Him but how can they do that if they are sleeping?!And didn't they know that its showing disrespect not only to the priest or pastor or minister or whatever you call them, but most of all its disrespect to the Lord... huh! how about you? what can you say about them and have you seen someone like them or have you experience falling into sleep while on church?! have a nice day!
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• Philippines
14 May 09
Sometimes, I feel sleepy during homily but not in the point that I slept. Homily from a priest or pastor is sometimes too long that some of it are irrelevant or non-sense. Bad to say, I hate priests who took more than 10 minutes in the homily. For me, a short but meaningful homily is enough. The concentration of human has limitation. It's just telling a kid a story and all of a sudden he fall asleep.:) It's better not to go to mass if you feel very sleepy. Better stay home and sleep!:)
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@John4Christ (1597)
• India
14 May 09
Well i feel many a times when a priest gives a homily there are people who may just not be interested as many people attend church because they feel its a obligation......well in my church i have observed that the priest tends to read the sermons sometimes.......and he is too slow and does not have command over what he says.......with due respect to the priests i feel in roman catholic church many a times you don't find priests who sway away from the normal theological teachings and teach something on the bible........so people tend to get bored and start to doze off.......well that's my version of looking at it......people sometimes get into the habit of sleeping.......they just cant help sleeping.....