Donnie Darko sequel

@Ravenladyj (22920)
United States
May 14, 2009 8:55am CST
So I saw and loved the movie Donnie Darko and had no idea they had planned on making a sequel to it..Well I was in Walmart last night checking out movies as I always do and spotted a Donnie Darko Double feature....Of coures the first movie was Donnie Darko but also S.Darko which is the sequel to it....I just watched the trailer and it looks pretty good. Anyone seen this yet? If so what did you think of it? have you ever seen the first movie and if so did you like it?
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• United States
15 May 09
i just watched it last night since you had reminded me of it and i have to say i didnt like it as much.. i mean it just didnt have the same feel and the bunny wasnt in it as much (which i loved lol..) and some of it was confusing.. dont wanna say what since it would give it away but eh..
• India
14 May 09
yeah i saw S.Darko.....i was pretty disappointed with the film...... richard kelly was absolutely superb as director of donnie darko...Donnie Darko is a film about heroism and sacrifice, decorated with disturbing imagery, the horror of everyday life, and a soundtrack reminiscent music...The story is very much thought provoking...The scenes dripped with style, yet that style never seemed distracting...jake glyenhall as donnie was exceptional and so is the other cast...the film was really thought provoking one... i saw the S.Darko with many expectations...but i was very much disappointed...the director(not richard kelly but someone other )was a total failure comparing to kelly's work...This film has so many Donnie Darko cliche's...the director was really evident in following the footsteps of the previous film in which he never succeeded...the acting is very wooden, the story is totally rambling and the end is also not if you really a fan of first i will advise you not to try this will be disappointed like me..
• United States
14 May 09
i have it and havent watched it yet.. my hubby didnt care for donnie darko so i wont watch s.darko with him so i am waiting for me to be watching something alone before i watch it.. i did like the first movie.. it was weird and i got a kick out of that giant rabbit haha!! jake g. looks a lot like my hubby so i guess that makes me more prone to liking his movies