How many of you using Linux?

May 14, 2009 11:04am CST
I am using Microsoft & Linux both together with dual booting in my computer I love windows because it is user friendly and I am using it from many time. So I love it. I know how to use Linux but it is used most in Corporate. Ya, there are some versions of Linux which is used by many users. Like Fedora, Suse etc. It takes time to be familiar with Linux.
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• India
6 Jun 09
Hi All, I am a pure linux guy but i agree that windows is user friendly OS. Then also i always want to use linux like OS. As most of the servers in this world runs on Linux OS and the percentage is as big as 89%. So this number is not because it is free or open source product but its because of its Performance and Security features. If you try then Linux is also as user friendly as windows now a days. So all guys and gurls(we need gurls in linux field man ! ), go for it ! its time of Open Source and Linux is the way to go. Regards, Ishan.
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@user_786 (1338)
16 May 09
I have used Linux many a times but still Windows is the best. Many people claim the Linux is the most secure operating system, even more secure than Windows. This claim does not look authentic. Windows is developed by Microsoft, everyone knows about Microsoft so i do not need to tell anything about them. And the security is always on top of thier priority list when making operating system. Therefore Windows is best , easy, though expensive for some people but still what they get for what they pay is reasonably good.
• Ireland
15 May 09
A friend of mine once advised me to use Linux as its better at maintaining your system in good condition so I have considered it but I wouldn't be able to play any games. So dual booting Ive never heard of this before ?????
@fsound (757)
• Philippines
14 May 09
I am using Ubuntu through dual boot with windows xp.
@hramdatt (137)
• United States
14 May 09
well i use linux and windows both, if u want to get the tru feelings of how windows was suppose to operate then let linux be your primary booting os and then run windows on linux, i am using it that way and its very fast and reliable, i prefer linux more than windows because its a very flexible software especially if the user have good programming knowledge, i love the utilities of linux because it not complicated compare to windows, if you think that windows have a great user interface then you think wrong because u can actually download gui for linux anyways enjoy using linux and encourage more ppl to use linux, its free and reliable. good luck on linux
@locolou (111)
• Spain
14 May 09
I have dual booting too. Usually I use Windows Xp, sometimes Ubuntu... this at home. At office I use Windows Vista, no comments about it, I hate it.
• Canada
14 May 09
i am using yellow dog linux on my ps3 and it great. no complaints