Weird Dream About a House?

United States
May 14, 2009 12:37pm CST
Okay. so I keep having this dream. IN the dream there is a house that I moved into. The house is big, 3 floors. It has a floor with the living room and kitchen, the second floor consists of the bedrooms and there are stairs that lead to a walk in Attic. For some reason in the dream, I move into the house but do not use the second floor or the attic. Each dream has a different reason why. The first dream, there was a ghost or a bad spirit in the attic and when I entered it, there were belongings of the people who used to live there, but upon entering the attic, you can feel this spirit that clearly don't want you there. So I avoided the attic. The second time I had the dream, again, the attic had the belongings of a previous owner. I went in the attic and saw a computer. I logged onto the computer and found a bunch of derogtory pictures of kids and realized that the person who lived in the house before me was a horrible person. The dream I had last night, again, had the belongings of someone else, but I was afraid of the attic because it was so dusty and dirty that I could not breathe when I entered it. The most recent dream, I moved into the house and was regrettng it because the house was in a really bad neighborhood and he kids had to go to a bad school. Keep in mind, although I dream about this house all the time, I have never seen a house like this in my waking life. There is nothing in my waking life that would cause me to have this dream as far as I know. I just think that its crazy that I keep dreaming about this very same house. Any ideas?? where are all the dream interpreters???? Oh yeah...I also keep dreaming about whales! In one dream I dreamed that I tried to buy a baby whale from a pet store. In another dream, my next door neigbor had a pet whale living in their swimming pool. Whats up with that???? LOL.
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