Did your parents support you through college years or you have to work your up?

United States
May 14, 2009 3:33pm CST
I believe most of us work our way up through college years. Especially the time we have to take full - time classes and work full - time job too. I just wonder how people do that? There was time I really need my parent's support, and they did. Luckily, I got through college without borrowing money. Did your parents support you through college too?
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@Glow1971 (354)
• Spain
16 May 09
Unfortunately not many people are helped by their parents to attend college, especially in this economy. I'm not sure if my parent's were able to or not but it wasn't offered to me 20 yrs ago. I ended up quitting but for other reasons, not financial. I guess you can say they had a different way of thinking when it came to education. As time goes on we realize just how strong we are by trying to make it on our own. But i'm happy to say that i will start college in september and I will be paying on my own.
• India
15 May 09
ya they supported me a lot
• Philippines
14 May 09
Well my mom really didn't support me through college since as she was too old to work. I got college funding from the benefits my dad had from US Veterans affairs. And well when we were really down on cash I had to go and work that's why I still have a semester to go rather than be finished at this point the same time as my peers. Anyways, it's tough having to work at night then going to school in the afternoon usually I fall asleep but hey I got through it and I'm almost finished.
• Philippines
14 May 09
My parents supported most of my college years. However, they were not able to do so at my last year because there's already two of us in college and we had huge financial problem that time, so I decided to look for a job so that I could support myself. I told them that they don't have to worry about anything because I can do it. Anyway, I got a full-time job and when I got a fixed schedule at work, coz I used to have a crazy, ever-changing work schedule, I got myself back to school. So, I was working full time, and studying full time, too. I was not only supporting myself then, but my brother, too. His tuition was way more expensive than mine, but it's all right. I graduated with high grades and my family saw me upstage getting my diploma - the fruit of our labor. I remember the hardships that I've gone through. I was deprived of sleep because I was working in a graveyard shift, and I was going to school in the morning. I used to have only 2 hours of sleep, which I got from sleeping in the bus on my way to school. A couple more, say 2-3 hours, which I got from sleeping in an empty bench in the corner of the school's hallway while I was waiting for my next class. Then my brother would wake me up to have lunch. On exam days, I used to bring a lot of energy drinks in school which I drink in replace of water so I wouldn't fall asleep while answering the tests. During my break at work, I reviewed my lessons, worked on my projects, reports and assignments. ^_^
• China
14 May 09
Yes,my parents support me through the univercity.And i don't need to make a job for my tuition.But in the college i would do a part-time job,training myself and enhance the social experience.
@aikhong (661)
• Malaysia
15 May 09
Ya, you're right. Most of my friends here are working their way up through college or university years, either by borring money from the government or wokring part tome to support the spending. Me myself also the same, but i think i'm just lucky to have scholarship for my studies throughout the four years in university. However, the money is just enough for my fees and daily spending. So i also did some part time job during semester break to earn some extra pocket money.