My cat has just had two kittens.

@jugsjugs (13038)
May 14, 2009 5:28pm CST
Two nights ago my cat had her first litter of kittens and my she was soo proud of her kittens.I did not realise how far pregnant my cat was in her pregnany i had read on the internet that on average a cat can be pregnant for 50 to 70 days that was on avarage on 3 different sites i read.I thought she was about 30 days how wtong was i when my husband shouted the cats breathing quick i think shes in labor.To my shock i went to see her laid in a drawer of my white tops there she was looking up at me then i saw a black kittens head,i called my husband to our room and said there was a kitten.He could not believe his eyes she had her first kitten.Then one hour later there was a second a ginger kitten proud mum stood up purring to let us see.
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• China
15 May 09
Congratulations!I want to see their photos,maybe you can upload some!
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@bunnybon7 (46645)
• Holiday, Florida
26 Jun 09
she only had 2? mine usually had 4 or 5. much harder to give that many away which is why we usually had a house full of cats every where congrats.
@bcom92 (116)
26 Jun 09
how long are cats pregnant for?