converse with people who practice different kind of religion

@willy6 (492)
May 14, 2009 6:45pm CST
One must be open to have conversation with people of different religion. We must be open minded. people perceptions of religion can often be negative, however you can have conversation that is positive and based on shared values and respect for identity.
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@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
15 May 09
If you want to find out about someone elses religion, the best way is to ask them interesting questions. Do not then compare it to your own unless, something is exactly like your own. Then, that would be a compliment to the other person. If your religion is very different, do not make any comments about it and just discuss the other persons religion in a polite way. Then you will learn without offending. Shalom~Adoniah
@fizanali (478)
• Pakistan
15 May 09
You are very right here because conversation is the only tool that can really help us in understanding and realizing. The matter of religion is very important, the most important there is actually and we should be serious about it.We can't treat religion as just another aspect of life because by going deep into religion you realize that religion actually is life in every aspect and just spiritual. So we definitely need conversation with an Open Mind AND Heart with other peoples so that we know which path is actually the right to follow.
• United States
15 May 09
yes it can be difficult to discuss religion with someone of a different religion than yourself you must be open minded and not take things personally there are some people that are not able to do that conversing with those kinds of people is always hard and stressful if the conversation gets ugly its best to walk away
@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
15 May 09
I do like to talk to people about their religions simply because I am really really interested. However, I have to do this cautiously, careful that I do not offend the other person. I also hope that the other person is as open-minded as I am, that he answers just because I ask and not suspecting that I am trying to challenge his beliefs. Have a nice day!