Do you have any good ways to make my customers know my products?

May 14, 2009 11:56pm CST
Because my product is rare in this city,so most people don't know my product.In addition,the product which is called ground heating system is very expensive.So my customers are those person who are rich and willing to improve their live quality.It's difficult to make people buy one product which is expensive and never use before.But at first,i should find those person who may buy my product.Nowdays,i have several ideas for example seting a display room ?the cooperation with the decorate company etc.Do you have any other good ways to make my customers know my products?Please kindly give me some advice,i would really appreciate you.
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• Jamaica
23 Jun 09
You can start by doing networking. Go to the PTA meetings, communities meetings etc and sell your business. Networking is a very important part of getting customers if you traveled in the public transportation don't be afraid to tell the passengers in the bus.
@Divaduh (30)
• United States
14 Jun 09
Do you have a website? You really should. Start a site with Wordpress and write about your products. Don't worry about ranking in the search engines for "ground heating system" just target your site at the keyword "ground heating system mytown, USA". Once you have your Wordpress site up, write and article about your product, then build a lens, then start a hub.