where would i earn more: responding to discussions or posting discussions?

@cainam (493)
May 15, 2009 1:35am CST
i don't know how to earn more. i post discusions but i think i don't earn that much from it compared to simply responding to other's discussions. am i right?
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@marguicha (148693)
• Chile
16 May 09
I respond much more than I post. I don´t think I post more than 3 or 4 posts a day. As for answering, A frind of mine here thinks that we can get about a dollar for 50 posts. I don´t think so. But you can try. Emoticons, pictures, all helps Luck
@annierose (18946)
• Philippines
15 May 09
hi cainam, Well, I think you can earn more if you start a discussion and got many response which is essential and contribute a lot to the progression of your topic. When I was new here, I posted 2 topics in which I got a number of responses. And each response is very good that I don't know whom mylotter has the best response.Each has his or her own point of view which cannot be said right or wrong. I can say that those topics are very good and how I wish I can start same topic like those 2 I had posted last year. Whenever I am posting, I still get some responses and sometimes I got zero responses too.But its ok, life is like a wheel that sometimes we are in jackpot mode and sometimes we get nothing.However, even I started my own topic, I still respond to some discussions of other mylotters. That also makes an increase to my earnings. Well, just enjoy mylotting and keep posting meaningful discussions.Happy earnings.
• Philippines
15 May 09
let me give an example of two of my referrals here. i don't think they would mind coz it's my cousin and nephew. my cousin is more experienced in writing and posted 7 discussions and 1 response. my nephew is more active and posted 50 responses, all quality ones. the other night, i found out that their earnings are just the same. this is just an example and others may have experienced differently. only mylot knows for sure how earnings are calculated. but it is my belief that you'll earn more in what you enjoy doing more, whether it's starting a discussion or responding to others.