Ever Been embarrased been caught putting on a torn sock?

May 15, 2009 2:44am CST
2 days ago I was going out to meet some one and as I was getting late I put on the first pair of sock I could get my hand on. I did realizes the socks were in shabby condition but I though,t who care and who be sneaking in my shoes to look at it! So every thing went fine till my partner asked me to visit his Uncles place as he was ill.Naturally I said yes and visited his place.When we reached his uncles place I was horrified when I was asked to leave the shoes outside his Uncles Bedroom ,I knew my socks are not a very pleasant site but reluctantly I removed them ashamedly and walked in.But there was more horror awaits for me, as I bowed to touch Uncles feet my poor sock gave in and my right toe just got free!I realized it only when I could feel cold and at the same time the kids in the room started laughing.It was humiliating but I laughed out too, to over come my embarrassment. I have learned my lesson, not in future I am going to walk of my home unless my feet are wrapped under a fine pair of socks. Has any of you has find yourself in the same situation in life?
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