Anybody else find this book really intense?

May 15, 2009 9:28am CST
Man, talk about DEEP! I read this book twice and both times it made me scream, cry and laugh! The story led to the conclusion so well that I almost didn't see it coming. It is a sort of window into the soul of a teen girl who has had something terrible happen to her. I found the story was a good expression of how such a tragedy might play out in the life of an average high school girl. What do you think, have you read the book? If not, I totally reccommend it!
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@maezee (38487)
• United States
15 May 09
I really liked "Speak" although I found the ending to be a little typical. But I definitely found it to be deep! In fact, Laurie Halse Anderson (the author.. I think that's her name!) is really good at writing and I would suggest ANY of her other books to you. Have you seen the movie for Speak?
• Canada
17 May 09
Oh my GOSH! NO! I didn't know there was a movie based on the novel. That is awesome, I'll have to see if I can find it, assuming it is also named Speak. Sometimes they change the name, depending on the Producer, etc. Thanks for putting that out there though. Out of curiosity have you read the book "A Long Way Gone"? Now talk about intense, it's a true story about a boy who was a child soldier in Africa and how he survived, very sad but also really beautifully written. Oh, and about the ending, typical-yes but also satisfying, the part where she took the piece of mirror to the guy's throat just made me want to start cheering!