Single Status Affidavit

June 3, 2006 6:12am CST
hello there! is it legal that the government has the right not to issue this kind of certificate "Single Status Affidavit"? i'm a palestinian who works as a foreign teacher in china.i fall in love with a chinese for two years and we decided to get married. but the embassy (palestine embassy) asked me to go home first, becuase for them it's difficult to prove whether i'm single or not, i understood their situation and i really not that person who can argue, so iwent back home and here is the surprise. the office who was responsible for issuing this kind of certificate asked me to prove that my family agrees my engagement first. i already talked with my mother about my relation with the girl i love but the strongly refused me to marry her. but becuase of love i sacrificed the family who i love, but my mother still refusing. the problem is why the hell do they need the family's agreement? for god sake i'm 33 this year!!! and i'm free to marry is that rght? so please help me if you have a solution for my problem. any way my girlfriend left me after all but i just want to figure out some points becuase i'm very confused now!!!!
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