This one's for the mylot mommys

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May 16, 2009 7:04am CST
Okay so this one if for all of the mylot moms. And this goes for those mommys that got their beautiful babies by way of giving birth to them, or by way of adoption, or any of the other numerous ways that I'm sure there are. We all have our stories about how our babies came about. And no... I don't need to know how they were conceived or the gory detail parts(lets not scare away or disgust anyone lol) for those that gave birth or anything.... but I want to know the general labor stories or if you adopted how you came about adopting your baby... was it a planned thing or a right time and right place kind of thing? One of my cousins is adopted. My aunt and uncle had actually wanted a child for years because my aunt couldn't have children of her own for whatever reason. They tried looking into adoption for years without any luck. My aunt's story was really a blessing on how she came to adopt lil TJ. My aunt was over at my other aunt's house and they were talking about how hard it's been on them trying to find a child to love and care for(we all know there are tons of children that need homes, a family, love... but for as many as there are... it can be difficult to come to adopting them and being that for them). Well it turns out that my other aunt's neighbor was there and heard all of this and her daughter worked as a caseworker at the time for a family that included a young girl with many children that she didn't take care of and that were split up between homes of family. It also turns out that this girl was pregnant again at that time. -- Well, after the caseworker talked to this girl and gave her the option of my aunt and uncle and explained their story... the girl decided that it would be best if they took and adopted him. Their was still the unsureness of course of whether this girl would go back on her word in the time before or after having TJ, but fortunately for my aunt and uncle and TJ really, even... she didn't. And the day my aunt and uncle went and picked up their sweet little boy from the hospital, and the day they brought him home, I'm not sure I'd ever seen two people so happy in my life. They'd truly been blessed. Now as for births, I've had two beautiful baby boys. My first is actually 3 years old today! I'm excited! And that's really what made me think about all of this today... my oldest baby is 3! Okay... anyway... my oldest baby's birth was actually quite simple... and fast. Who am I kidding? In way of how difficult or painful or drawn out labors can be... my oldest baby's birth was a breeze! My water broke at home at midnight on the 16th of May, 2006. By 2:15am or so I was in the hospital and all hooked up to the little machines and needles and such(the needles were probably the worst part lol). And at 6:06am my beautiful, first born, Jeffrey Christopher was born! My second child's labor was really just as easy... even faster... but the story with it is a little crazy I think. Okay so I delivered my second beautiful baby boy on December 15th. Here's the craziness... my mother had been previously out of work for a year and a half after losing her job and with the economy going the way it's going... nothing seemed to be coming along for her anytime soon! Add to that... a week before my son was born(exactly a week) I was getting all day but not in a time pattern equivalent to being in labor... those horrible and painful contractions! Now add to that... that same day that I was getting those horrible contractions for the first time in the pregnancy... my mother slipped on ice on the way out to her car and she broke her shoulder. Now, having contractions like that... there was NO way I could drive her to the hospital... so we called an ambulance. -- Okay so mom went to the hospital and of course... the shoulder was broken. They gave her a sling, vicoden and some other kind of painkiller and sent her on her way, setting an appointment for 8:00am on December 15th. And here's where the fun begins.... I woke up early on the 15th with contractions... first about 5 minutes apart each. Well I decided, to hell if I'm going into labor without my shower... so I took a shower. By the time I got out of the shower and got dressed, the timing of the contractions was down to 3 minutes between them. So, I called my sister(she and my mother wanted to be in the delivery room). haha... My sister told me to wait a little bit because she needed to get her kids to school and everything first.(wow.. lol). However, suddenly this didn't seem to be a problem. While I was on the phone with my sister, I had a gap of 12 minutes between contractions. So naturally(I think) I thought.. well okay... this is just false labor. After that 12 minute gap, though, they started going again with 3 minutes between each one... so I decided to call an ambulance and go in *just in case*. On the way to the hospital again the contractions stopped and I didn't even get one the entire way. I remember telling the paramedic as well that I was pretty sure this was false but that I'd rather be safe than sorry. Ha! good thing! By 7:20 I was all hooked up and ready to go in the hospital delivery room. I called my sister and told her to go ahead and take her time, that the contractions were still not coming much and they weren't bad at all. At 7:40 the doctor came in and checked me. He looked at the nurse and said "she's 100% efaced and at 8". I think my mouth dropped and my eyes had to have bugged out. I said "What???! I'm 100% what?! And I'm 8 what?!" The doctor looks at me in a matter of fact tone and says "You're 100% efaced and 8 centimeters dialated." Yep! So I called my sister right away freaking out and told her that I was wrong and this baby wanted out and to get her butt here right away. lol! Sure enough... My sister arrived at about 8:15. My mother showed up at about 8:25 from her shoulder appointment, and I gave birth to my sweet Paul Anthony at 8:36am on December 15th. And here's another kicker... 2 days after Pauly's birth... while him and I were still in the hospital... and just a lil over a week after mom broke her shoulder... mom was accepted for a job after a year and a half of not having one. Crazy Crazy month... but hey... babies are great and ma's shoulder's all better(though she is in physical therapy to get the full movement out of it) and ma's job's going great! There's my stories... what's yours?
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16 May 09
My oldest son is now 14 years old. I had a home birth with two midwifes, my mum and my husband present. I had mild contractions which I thought were back and tummy pain. I had a restful day on the sofa. Then at 10pm I began running a bath so to feel relaxed ready for bed. At that moment I got a contraction and asked my husband to begin filling the birthing pool I had hired. Getting in that was pure bliss and it took away much of the pain. My contractions got strong so I had some gas and air. On the way to the bathroom my waters broke. Later on I got out of the birthing pool and on to my bed. I spent just 20 minutes pushing and then my baby son came out. I had a retained placenta and that was the only problem I faced with that birth. My youngest son is almost 2 years old and even though I knew he would have spina bifida I had another home birth. I was able to buy a birth pool in a box. I woke up in the night with mild contractions so wasn't sure if I was in labor or not. I phoned my mum and the hospital to book the midwifes. I had a show when in the bathroom. I knew my contractions were coming 2 minutes apart. I had a lay down on my sofa where with strong painful contractions my waters broke. The midwifes arrived minutes before I could feel the head. I sat up and without any pushing my baby came. He was taken off to a special care baby unit for three weeks and in that time he had 2 operations. I like a natural birth.
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16 May 09
That's awesome! I've always heard of that and with the birthing pool I've heard that it takes away a lot of the pain but I wasn't too sure on that. And I'm a big wuss when it comes to physical pain which is why it all scared me even more. lol. What do ya know though... this wuss didn't have any epidural or pain killers for either pregnancy! I was pretty proud of myself(lol!) And wow I thought it was a close call with my timing with my second birth. Mine was nothing of a close call compared to your second! Thanks for sharing your story!