I thought the ring would be important again-And what will next season be called

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May 16, 2009 8:31am CST
I really didn't believe the ring was gone. It seems that it plays to vital of a role. However am I correct in what I saw that the ring was not used but left behind and got into Lois' hands. Season finally -this is going to kill me in suspense -get to the next seasonn -quick. What are we to do go back over a review the old seasons? I guess if that is what will clear my mind of some of the things I miss through interruptions (univited). Ok also will there be a nae change now that Clrk is moving on? I rather like the small ville title but it won't fit. He was clear that he was moving on without Chloe, It looks like Justice league will be involved.HMMMM Thoughts?
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@stealthy (8188)
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16 May 09
Clark lfte the new ring the Legion guy from the future gave him in his desk at the Daily Planet and it got not out in the fight Lois and Tess had and Loise put it on and disappeared. I don't think it indicated "when" went and I don't believe it just automatically take someone to the future. I thought the first time around Clark was told it would take him to a "when" that he thought about.