Controversy over Taj Mahal's construction

@anuraa32 (2451)
May 16, 2009 10:34am CST
The major controversy over Taj Mahal was that after the construction of the Taj, the fingers of the workers and artisans were cut off. Now this could have been symbolic as in he told these workers and artisans never to work again. Which is as bad as cutting their fingers off. But when I visited Taj as a student of History, we were stopped from entering many places and rooms which looked out of place in a building like that. But then that time we were young and naive and no one really made us aware of a second controversy over Taj Mahal. One which you cannot totally just brush away because it has a very logical explanation. I received an email years ago and the logic given appealed to my logical part of the brain. And suddenly realize that yes there are many rooms inside the building which the general public not allowed to enter. Here above are two articles regarding the controversy. Now I am discussing this as something against the muslim. It is just a historical building over which a controversy remains. Why are people so afraid of the book written by oak who initiated the theory. Why, if it really is a mughal construction, is the taj trust not opening the sealed rooms and allowing the international experts investigate and close this controversy for final. If it is truly a monument of the mughal period then the trust should have no fear of investigation. If they refuse, they just let suspicion creep into everyone's mind. And this is not a hindu muslim thing. It is not just a Hindu claiming this. It is claimed by a number of international experts. And it is still not going to take anything away from the taj. It is just about putting histories straight.
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