would you call me dominating..???or wierd..???

@gemini13 (333)
May 16, 2009 12:53pm CST
i like men who are mathew perry and tom hanks type..am mean thats what my friends say..they say i fall for men who are vulnerable and non macho kind.are mathew perry and tom hanks not macho..???? i think they sensible,mature and men with a wonderful sense of humor they are very cute..
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16 May 09
I've dated both and I gotta say I ended up with a Macho Man. He's not sensitive at all and I guess that's what I like about him. The guys before were to sensitive and that bothered me. I didn't feel protected or secure. With my beau I feel this way protected and not scared of anything. Ya sometimes I wish he was a little bit more sensitive and it hurts my feelings when he's not considerate but I wouldn't change him for the world. I do love a great sense of humor too and he has that. He's a big kid and so am I.