Stretch Marks

@kylaerin (146)
United States
May 16, 2009 9:20pm CST
Ladies what have you done to reduce the appearance of stretch marks? I know that they never go all the way away. I lost muscle tone in my legs after quitting UPS and without gaining weight gained stretch marks on my inner thighs. I thought you only got stretch marks by gaining weight...yeah i was so wrong you can get them from losing muscle mass which stretches your skin as well. Has anyone tried anything that actually works?? I just started working out again so I am hopping that I can build my legs up again to fade thems ome but any ideas are appreciated..they are on my inner thighs and if they stay I will not be wearing shorts or a bathing suit this summer :(
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@aweins (4200)
• India
17 May 09
hi dear friend, i have consulted my doctor becasue when i was pregnant, after the delivery i developed certain stretch marks on my stomach area and on thighs and all that area. but doctor said, tey have no cure. i think they cant, no remedy, neither home, nor doctor, nor herbal, nothing works for stretch mrks. the marks in pregnancy can be prevented before , when the have not come, but once they come tey wont go. you have to more careful and cautious before. other stretch marks , which are of body building, losing weight and all that, that wont go. my doctor says that these are difficult marks to remove from the body.
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@ajithlal (14611)
• India
17 May 09
I also think one can get stretch marks when one loses weight. I think you should search for some natural remedies for losing the stretch marks and I think you should consult a dermatologist to know treatment of the stretchmarks. I think this will helps you better.
• United States
18 May 09
Buy a bar of octagon washing soap and bathe with it. You may need a few bars but,it gets rid of a lot of skin blemishes. I know woman along with me who love this soap. You may want to buy a few bars. They are so cheap and great for (ex- eh- ma) as swell. I don't know how to spell it.