May 17, 2009 12:03am CST
Dear friends,I'm typing this with a great pleasure because the war in sri lanka is over now... We are united again. Sinhalese, tamils, muslims & others are welcome to be in harmoney. All nations are now able to go everywhere of the country... Happy.. do you have a war in your country? Are you a victim of war? Have you ever suffered by war?
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@ajzone (201)
• India
17 May 09
Oh my dear friend i am glad to know that finally the war in Srilanka has over. anyway i am sad because it caused many destruction, it took many of lives of the innocent people, I hope they won't face any such wars in future, and a warm condolence for those people who lost their lives in the war.
• India
21 May 09
i also think and wish not to start another war..
@shemb1 (465)
• Sri Lanka
31 May 09
It is nice to end the war because of our country got pure patriots who save our lives from terroist bargain. and also we got a good back bond leader after king's centuries. thanks for the all of them to finish this war as soon as possible.