Do you think grooming children is the most important thing in life?

@dhawanbm (3705)
May 17, 2009 1:34am CST
Grooming and bringing them up is very important but difficult too. In the west there are no baby sitters and are very costly to afford, you have to sitout inhome and take care of the children, In some countries older people used to take care of the child and day care!
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• Philippines
18 May 09
for me the answer is NO. teaching kids the right thing and good manners are the most important things in life. because when a child is raised with a good attitude wherever he goes and whatever he do i am sure that he will succeed and he/she wil have lots of friends. grooming kids is just second. when kids grow up they will bring what ever they've learned from their parents when it comes to grooming. they will pick the nice and appropriate clothes wherever they go.
@krajibg (11932)
• Guwahati, India
17 May 09
Children are the innocent lots. But today ironically many mothers leave them under the care of the maid servant and this leads to an imbalanced life of them. Children as they grow need the parental care and they should not be deprived of this. And if deprived they could turn to some thing else and later the parents can not blame them that they did not come to their expectation.
• India
17 May 09
well i think talking care of children should be done carefully ,and only by is a great feeling if you got some one to train and teach.well when i would have a kid , i would like to take care of him on my own.It will be such a good time together with my own can pass your time easily with a small kid.