Do you belief online love affair?

May 17, 2009 8:39am CST
With the development of the internet,we can make many friends who we never meet from the internet.from the frined,some people gradually fall in love each other.i want to konw ,do you belief that net friends have true love?
3 responses
@Archie0 (4667)
17 May 09
Well i seriously dont believe this crap. I hate it because i had a lot of it..once and very badly that too which i still remember like a night mare well i prefer love out of this idiot thing called net affair.
• China
17 May 09
i am very sorry to hear that,every coin has tow sides,i hope you can take an objective look at everything. good luck!
• Malaysia
18 May 09
No I don't...In fact, it is very scary to me..My saw my cousin thinks that she found a guy he likes in the internet..and the guy is other country residents...All the guy said was to good to be true. I don't trust this kind of stuff like internet love..It is insecure at all.
@fixnwin (22)
• Malaysia
17 May 09
i once has developed a relationship (more to friendship) on the internet.but what was funny,for the whole 2 years of friendship,we never gotten to meet as he lives in australia and i'm here in malaysia.all i have was his YM and email.and we lost contact all of sudden after he tranferred to UK. i think next time if i'm into internet friendship,i should have his phone no, and address