how to established a good friendship

@willy6 (492)
May 17, 2009 7:12pm CST
The way we disclose is usually the first step in establishing a confidant, and it also scary because a lot of time you think that person is your friend and they use what they know about you to get back at you, but a true friend will not. One can start by sharing a few private thought and feeling with one person you might want for a close friend. If the person is responsive him or she will usually share personal thought or two with you. If they are not responsive to your overturnes, dont think of this as a refection. People may be non responsive for reason of their own, they may be rejectiing you because of their own reason, so take it slow and give it time.
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@edathoma (11)
• Philippines
12 Jul 09
If you really want to have a good friendship you should learn how to take a risk. Establishing a good friendship is also looking for imperfect person and accepting them whoever they are. To build and establish a good friendship should start on you. It is hard to give your trust and companionship to a person whom you've met yesterday or today. But we should not be afraid, all people are potential friends. Having a good friendship should start on ourselves. We should not act like someone else just to like us and have their attention. We have to be true to ourselves.
@LadyMarissa (12160)
• United States
18 May 09
How are you making this a discussion???