Do you do something different whilst eating out ?

@pratik87 (1927)
May 17, 2009 9:50pm CST
My friend doesn't like ice, his teeth are sensitive and it hurts them. I like ice, but my teeth are also sensitive. I don't drink things with ice often, most of the time it's water. Going out, my friend and I both ask for no ice in our drinks because it's easier. We also tend to order the same drink so that it's easier to remember, and the waitress can write it down in one swoop. Do you do anything different in a restaurant that you don't normally do at home, and is it for convenience of the waitress, yourself, or for what?
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• United States
18 May 09
I don't like ice in my drinks because of the same reason. I order my sweet tea from MC Donald's with no ice as well. I don't do anything strange or different i don't think anyway. I do however know of someone who asks for a mug of boiling water for her silver ware. I think she can be a bit stupid at times.