When do you say its OVER part 2...

May 18, 2009 8:03am CST
I posted before about my friend and her boyfriend and her bf ex girlfriend, for those who dont read my first post, i will briefly tell you their story. Lets name them vanessa-my friend, princess the ex gf and luke the boyfriend. Princess the ex gf is so possessive, for luke to stay in a relationship she gave him everything, materials and financial. She tried to commit suicide twice when luke want to get out of the relationship. Vanessa is the new girl and she love luke also but in different way. She just show her love, support him, understand him when luke still entertain princess. When luke decided to have princess again (to prevent princess form killing herself), she just keep quite and understand the situation. Luke plan is to get out of the country, to avoid princess, but when he was about to go he found out that his visa is missing and the last person who saw it is princess. so i posted here if vanessa, should give up, the relationship and luke. This is the new situation. April this year, luke decided to make it final for him and for princess. So my friend vanessa and luke settle their relationship, they were happy, they are together everyday. Until last friday, i was talking again to vanessa and she told me that princess is in the scene again. Luke is breaking up on her because she dont want her to get hurt because his family decided to used Princess so luke can go abroad to his brother and work there so he can help the family. And of course, princess love luke so much although she show it in a wrong way, she agreed that she will help luke. I talked to Luke and he said that he cannot do anything about, if he choose vanessa, his family will get mad at him and he cannot leave the country. If i were vanessa, i will give up luke because he is not worth it and he is sooooo selfish. So now, i dont know how can i advice vanessa that she will see that the guy is not worth it. And that even if she still hang on to their relationship, she will get hurt everyday.
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• Malaysia
19 May 09
That is a very dramatic story you have...I think venessa should let go of luke...It is really not working...coz whenever luke's in trouble he left venessa...That is the sign of insecurities for her...A woman should have a man than can stand up for and fight for her if he really loves her...Imagine your life living with this type of man who can't even make up his mind. It's totally not worth it...I think vanessa should stay single for a while and enjoy this life..true love will eventually come to her, who can really appreciate her the most no matter what.