Judgement Day Results

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May 18, 2009 8:17am CST
* Mickie James beat Beth Phoenix prior to tonight's WWE Judgment Day pay-per-view. Rosa Mendes tried to interfere but Mickie kicked her. She reversed a hold on Beth to pick up the win. CM Punk vs. Umaga Punk plays to the crowd with elbows on Umaga. They don't have much affect as Umaga pushes Punk down. Punk uses kicks but Umaga whips him off the ropes. Punk counters with a cross body but Umaga slams him down to the mat. Umaga picks Punk up and puts him in the corner. He lands stiff right hands. Loud Punk chants. Punk fights out with right hands but goes off the ropes and into an elbow from Umaga. Kicks from Umaga on Punk as he sends the MITB winner into the corner. He whips him into the other side then works the back of Punk in the middle of the ring. Umaga applies a nerve hold on Punk's trapezoid but Punk starts to counter. He gets to his knees then the ropes. Umaga works the left wrist of Punk when he puts his hands on the ropes. Punk gets sent shoulder-first into the steel ring post in the corner. Umaga applies a submission hold on Punk in the middle of the ring. It's the nerve submission on Punk's trap. Punk kicks Umaga to try and counter out but Umaga grabs his arm. CM Punk works hard to get to his feet, the crowd still heavily behind him. Punk gets to the vertical base and lands some right hands. Punk counters but Umaga hits a side slam, sending the MITB winner to the mat. Huge knee from Umaga for a two count. Umaga puts Punk on the apron and kicks him off with a stiff boot. Punk hits his head on the crowd control barrier on the outside, they show a replay. The referee starts counting Punk out. Umaga works on him on the apron but Punk counters and rolls into the ring. He goes for a pin attempt but Umaga lands a big splash. Umaga goes off the ropes with another splash. Punk grimaces in pain as he crawls to the bottom rope. Punk counters another big slam and goes for a scoop and a slam on Umaga. He finally picks him up but Umaga lands on him for a near-fall. Umaga applies an arm submission hold on Punk on the mat. Punk gets back to his feet and hits right hands on Umaga. He goes off the ropes but right into an upper cut from the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga goes to the middle rope for a big diving splash. Punk gets out of the way. Double count out is underway. Punk works on Umaga but Umaga puts him in the ropes. Umaga runs at him but Punk lowers the ropes and sends him out. Suicide dive from Punk on Umaga to the outside. Punk gets in the ring, leaving Umaga on the outside. Count out starts. Umaga gets back in and Punk hits several of his kicks followed by a nice heel kick. Umaga sends Punk into the corner, Punk counters. Umaga hits his head on the ring post off a miss-timed splash. After a bulldog headlock attempt by Punk, Umaga counters. Punk counters again, lands a bulldog off the middle rope and gets a two count. Umaga sends Punk to the apron in a counter but Punk counters and goes off the top ropes. Two count for Punk. Punk attempts GTS on Umaga, he's too heavy. Umaga reverses and hits the Samoan Drop. Punk kicks out at two! Umaga teases Samoan Spike. He misses and Punk lands three kicks to his temple. Punk gets Umaga up for GTS but he drops him. Umaga kicks Punk in the face and splashes on him in the corner. Samoan Spike by Umaga and the three count victory. Winner - Umaga Backstage with Vickie Guerrero. Chavo Guerrero comes in and tells Vickie John Cena is officially medically cleared to return tonight. Vickie says the match is officially on as she turns to Big Show on the couch. Big Show tells Vickie she's already lost Triple H to injury and tonight she is going to lose John Cena as well. Show says he know a lot of people came to cheer for John Cena but they are going to be bitterly disappointed. Loud 'Cena sucks' chant. Vickie says who takes Cena out will take his place. Edge walks in and Big Show greets him with an intimidating 'hello' as Edge says he needs to speak to his wife. Chavo walks out and leaves them alone. Christian (c) vs. Jack Swagger ECW Championship Both size each other up as they go for opening control. Christian lands a couple of right hands on Swagger. Swagger counters a whip off the ropes and Christian ends up on the outside. Swagger chases him out there as Christian gets back in. Swagger follows and goes for an overhead press slam. Christian lands on his feet and attempts the Kill Switch. Swagger gets Christian up for a belly-to-back suplex and rolls around on the mat with him. Christian gets back to a vertical base and fires elbows at the challenger. Swagger gets the advantage by countering. It doesn't last as Christian ends up tripping Swagger over the rope and to the outside. Christian hits a dropkick from the inside. Christian jumps on the middle rope and to the outside onto Swagger. Swagger clears the count on himself and goes back to the outside on Christian. Swagger throws Christian into the steel ring post on the outside. Swagger stomps the throat of Christian on the outside and rolls him back into the ring. Swagger gets a two count. Swagger applies a leg scissor submission hold. The crowd is dying off during the mat wrestling big time. Christian reveres the hold on the mat but Swagger goes for the ropes. Swagger stomps the chest of Christian but Christian counters with right hands and chops. Christian goes off the ropes but Swagger meets him with a shoulder block. Two count for Swagger. Scoop and a slam by Swagger on Christian. He goes off the top ropes onto Christian but he gets his knees up. European uppercut off the top rope onto Swagger. Swagger is down as Christian gets to his knees. Christian greets Swagger with right hands but Swagger counters and picks Christian over his head. He runs with him but Christian counters and gets a near fall. Swagger counters but Christian ends up going off the top rope. He misses and Swagger gets a one count. Swagger attempts the Gutwrench Powerbomb. He throws Christian to the apron who goes off the top rope. Christian goes to the outside then gets on the apron, he goes to the top rope. Swagger meets him there and throws him off to the middle of the ring. Two count for the Challenger. Small package by Christian out of nowhere, two count. Clothesline from each, sending them both down. Swagger lands offense and sets Christian up on the middle ropes. Sunset flip in a counter but Swagger rolls through and gets a two count. They're working in the other corner as Christian lands more offense and gets another two count. Swagger picks Christian up and drops him face-first on the top turnbuckle. Two count for Swagger on Christian. Christian stumbles back up but still goes for the Kill Switch. Swagger reverses with a big suplex. Swagger goes for the Gut Wrench powerbomb, Christian counters. Christian grabbed the tights of Swagger and defeated him to retain. Winner & still ECW Champion - Christian Backstage, Chavo has his ear to Vickie Guerrero's office door. Chavo asks Edge what is going on in there. Edge said it was private for him to be talking to his wife. Chavo says they aren't even living in the same house any more. Edge tells Chavo he is a coward for letting someone refer to his wife as a pig without doing anything about it. Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison Shelton picks Morrison and hits an exploder suplex. Benjamin works on Morrison but Morrison counters. Shoulder block from Shelton when he goes off the ropes. Morrison counters with right hands and throws him into the ropes. Benjamin rolls out of the ring to heat from the crowd. Morrison goes for the suicide dive but catches himself when Shelton moves. Morrison does a 450 splash on Benjamin to the outside. Incredible spot. Morrison goes to the top rope on the inside but is kicked off by Shelton. Haas rolls Morrison back into the ring. Shelton works on Morrison in the corner. Shelton has a seated abdominal stretch on Morrison in the ring. Haas shouts him encouragement from the outside. Morrison backs Shelton down with elbows but Shelton covers and gets another cover. Benjamin works Morrison over on the mat, whose face is down. Shelton applies a crossface-like submission on Morrison. He goes down into a sleeper. Morrison works to get back to a vertical base. Benjamin stops the counter and sends Morrison to the mat. Benjamin locks in a sleeper. Morrison refuses to go down but eventually goes to his knees. Crowd doesn't seem to be into the bout. Morrison is sinking down to the canvas. Shelton wrenches back on the hold tight, resulting in Morrison turning beat red. Morrison is able to get back to his feet and send Shelton off the ropes. Morrison goes for a submission but Shelton sends him off the ropes and they bang heads, sending both to the mat. Morrison runs into an elbow in the corner from Shelton. He hits a dropkick as a counter and follows with a clothesline. Morrison hit an innovative side Russian leg sweep. Benjamin counters with a base inverted backbreaker. Two count from Shelton on Morrison. Morrison takes Shelton down and gets a two count. Shelton catches Morrison who leaps at him and sends him down to the mat into the turnbuckle. Shelton gets a two count. Drop toe hold from Morrison on Benjamin in the corner. Morrison takes out Haas on the apron and Morrison hits the flying drop kick followed by Starship Pain. Morrison goes for the cover and gets the three count. Winner - John Morrison The Miz The Miz comes with a mic. He says before he gets started he wanted to recognize the winner of the last match. He says to give it up for Marty Janett... as he cuts off and says John Morrison. Miz calls out Cena and responds to the crowd (who is chanting 'What') by saying they sound like a bunch of ducks and to shut up. Loud 'you suck' chants from the crowd cause him to stop and say 'like I haven't heard that one before'. Miz says he's going to challenge someone else tonight because Cena is disappointing and is like a lovable loser like the Chicago
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