My husband is a Stay at Home Dad! Thoughts?

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May 18, 2009 10:12am CST
A few years ago when we found out we were going to have a family we had to make some choices and prepare for our new arrival. My husband was in construction working when he could get jobs and I was in the military. I had benefits and he didn't. Plus jobs were scarce where we were at. I was coming up on my time to get out. The military offered me $30,000 to re-enlist! After talking about it we decided my job was the best job for our family and what our family needed. It was decided my husband would stay at home with the little one. Plus most part time jobs he could get right now would only pay for day care so it did not seem worth it. Of course I am jealouse sometimes because I think he has the best job in the world. I also miss my little ones at work. Our roles are reversed but I think our home still works! Also we have been looking at my husband taking some online courses for a degree. We figure this will help him not feel so isolated or trapped at home during the day. Plus it is a good way to improve yourself. This way when our kids get to school he will have a degree for work! What are your thoughts on stay at home dads and working moms? What are your thoughts on the roles moms and dads play at home?
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18 May 09
My husband and I have not yet started our family. It is something we have talked extensively about. We have both agreed from the beginning that we dont want our kids in day care! When we met, I was in college. He had never been and didnt have any plans to go. We got married just after I graduated. We knew that I would probably be able to make better money than him. We also knew that it would be hard for him to find a job that would be able to support a family on just that income. So we agreed that one of us would stay home and the other would work. We didnt care who, just so that the kids wouldnt be in daycare. My husband is currently going to massage therapy school. He is loving it. He will be graduating soon and we will be working on setting up his practice. There is definitely a lot of potential! We now agree, that he will be working when we have kids. If we need more income than what he is able to make until he gets farther established, I will get a job working night shifts. That way one of us is always home with the kids. I dont think there is anything wrong with the set up you guys have. I think moms and dads should be a team. That seems to be exactly what you have going! I commend you both for doing what is best for the family, even if it isnt traditional!
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19 May 09
I think it is cool you two have worked out your schedual so one person is always with the kids. I know it is hard to work, make time for family, and go to school. Congrats on you and your husband that you guys are close to both having your degrees and starting your family.