bad hair cuts

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May 18, 2009 10:15am CST
have you ever been to have your hair cut and the hair dresser doesnt listen to you? I've had this happen several times. I went to get a perm that I've done several times. I told her I wanted a body wave with purple curlers. She tells me oh you want a spiral perm. I wasnt sure but I sai ok. My hair was ok till the next day. It wasnt even close to what I had asked for. And my hair was a little long and she didnt even cut my hair. It looked horriabe to I went back to the bueaty shop to get a refund and the told me it was fine and wouldnt refund. It cost me 70 bucks compaired to the 50 if the lady would have done what I asked. Another time I went to get a hair cut a trim and my hair thined out as it is really thick. I wear glasses and had to take them off so I couldnt see what she was doing. I've had my hair thinned out before and she didnt get out the shears to do it. I'm not sure what she did to my hair but I know its not thinned out and if she cut my hair why was the bangs not shorter? Then after I pay I say something about colorig my hair and she says I can for 40 dollars and says its better than the kind at walmart. I talked to someone about their hair dye proffessionally done it last no longer than walmart and would cost me more. Why lie? One time I asked for a trim and had 8 inches cut off my hair. I was devestated. I did get it free but that didnt bring back my hair. Whats your story? Whats your story?
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@saundyl (9783)
• Canada
19 May 09
Oh yes i have a couple times - it wasnt terrible. The worst wasnt a hair dresser - my mom was trimming my bangs and she got talking on the phone while she did it (i was 14) and i ended up with no bangs at all. It was terrible! The other time i had a bad hair cut wasnt really a cut - i leaned over to blow out candles on my birthday cake and my bangs caught on fire...of course my cousin tried to put it out and i didnt know thye were on fire so i was like dude what are u doing???? The third time i hated my haircut but...i didnt tell the girl because she was a friend...Ive never let her cut my hair again. My sisters have better hair stories than i do.
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• United States
21 May 09
oh my good ole mom and her hair cut. I used to do that with my kids to save money and then they got wise that mom wasnt so good-LOL