Do you like to interfere other people's business?

United States
May 18, 2009 3:53pm CST
Sometimes, when you saw unjustice matter, you would like to interfere for the rights of the victim. Sometimes, even you try to do a good thing, you just felt like an idiot, don't you think so? In a previous post, a lady try to interfere a domestic violence about a man beating a woman. Ironically, the woman scolded her for her excessive interference. That just out of our expectation. So, don't interfere too much on other's business.
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• Philippines
18 May 09
hi nice discussion to start with. i guess there should be limitations in interfering with other person's business. if the person asks for help that is the time that we have to move and take action. domestic situation such as this is difficult to deal with because it concerns personal matters of the couple. what you can do is talk to the wife discreetly and ask her if she needs help if she does then that is your opportunity to do something. anything in excess is not good we have to keep in mind that they also have their own judgements.