What does delayed PMS bring you?

@mermaidivy (15403)
United States
May 18, 2009 4:16pm CST
Recently, I had created a discussion about late period and getting pregnant. It has been more than a half month and I finally had my period came couple days ago, it was a NIGHTMARE, I had double pain, I even wanted to pass out at one pointed, I was painful like even I couldn't talk and barely able to walk and throw up feeling... it was like way back to teenage time, when I first had my period, super pain and stuff... It has been couple days and I'm still having the pain and tones of blood... I think it seems like the period is combined in a late month?? I wonder if I will have another period at the end of this month or the whole thing will just be delayed. I have taken many pain killers for this period, the pain is killing me :-( Do you have experience like that? I was concerned if it is another problem that I might need to find out so... @_@ Thank you for your sharing!!!! Highly appreciated!!!!!
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@lawana_f (327)
• United States
18 May 09
I had this problem every other month. It ended up being a problem of cysts on one ovary. In your shoes I would think back to see if this happens on an every other month basis or just on occassion. If you are still having problems even if it s a one time thing you should contact a doctor. It could be nothing, bit it could be something serious. As this type of problem runs in some families you might ask questions of other women in the family. I state this because when my daughter was 16 she was having this problem and she had a tumor on her ovary.