Does Anyone Like playing Video Games?

United States
May 18, 2009 9:07pm CST
Im A gamer and i also have a xbox 360 . i love playing video help's me when im upset it cools me down. So what do u like playing and what system do you have if any?
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@cdgfx84 (43)
• United States
30 Aug 09
I play on the 360 right now wanting to get a ps3 more or less for the free online service because I refuse to pay for an online game service.
@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
26 Jun 09
This is a really good discussion because video games are really important when it comes to everyday life,because they are a wonderful source of fun and enjoyment either when you are extremely bored,or when you have nothing to do,like on the days where it is either really cold outside or raining,and you do not want to leave the house for anything,and I am sure that different people prefer different types of games,so I am sure very few people have the same favorite video game since most people have different games they are good at,and that they play,that is cool that your favorite game is Metal Gear Solid 1,and my brother is a huge Metal Gear Solid fan,and he loves all of the games,when it comes to me I would say my favorite game of all time would be any one of the four Splinter Cell games,because I love the Splinter Cell series,and it is and always will be my favorite series,because you get to sneak around and complete objectives,and assassinate terrorists without them seeing you,and me and my fiance are waiting for Splinter Cell Conviction to come out this month so we can complete our Splinter Cell collection since Conviction will be the fifth and final installment of the series,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals,and Happy Posting.
• United States
19 May 09
i have a wii and an xbox. my favorite wii game is super smash bros. and my favorite xbox game is hunter the gathering
@UnderSea (69)
• United States
19 May 09
I love starcraft and diablo on Pc and also a lot of the Wii games. I find that its sort of an escape from the reality and I like to think that it also helps my mind to construct plans in my daily life better when I m playing these strategy or role playing games.
• Indonesia
19 May 09
I like playing games I play games on a PC and a PS2. Playing games is just relaxing for me.