Help Disability Rights Activist Pay their Civil Disobedience Fees!

@cripfemme (7710)
United States
May 18, 2009 9:29pm CST
Please Note: I was arrested twice myself and would do it again in a moment to help secure freedom for people with disabilities who need home care, like me. It was my 24th and 25th arrest. Any amount even $5 is helpful. ear Friends of Disability Rights Activism: The ADAPT Community has just returned from an intense 4-day action in Washington, DC. ADAPT activists sent a message to the Obama Administration and Congress that people with disabilities and older Americans want long term services and supports, including the reform of the institutional bias in Medicaid and Medicare, to be included in any health care legislation. We thought the Obama Administration and the Democratically controlled Congress would be more receptive to our message of including long term services and supports in health care reform. That was their promise. However, their surprisingly negative response can not dim our call to end the institutional bias in our long term care system. ADAPT did not back down. If this issue is put off yet again, how many lives will be stolen as people are forced into unconscionable options? Our message was sent at a cost. Over 100 ADAPT activists were arrested at the White House fence on Monday and Capitol Hill on Tuesday, demanding President Obama and Congress end the institutional bias by including the Community Choice Act in health care reform legislation. We need your assistance to offset what we project to be at least $15,000 of fines and legal fees that we will be assessed for our disability rights activism. Most ADAPT activists are low income people with disabilities, many on SSI. All contributions will be used for fines and legal fees and are tax deductible. We will not be intimidated. ADAPT activists will continue our battle to end the institutional bias in Medicaid and pass the Community Choice Act. All contributions can be sent to: ADAPT Community Legal Defense Fund 1640A East 2nd St Austin, Texas 78702 For an Institution Free America, Rahnee Patrick, Organizer The ADAPT Community
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