I have got a headache like swine flu .

@youetme (351)
May 19, 2009 3:10am CST
These days it is cloudy and a little cool . So I don't what wrong with myself . I got a headache my friends played a joke with me they said I got swine flu . It is impossible I have swine flu . So I don't worry about it .But I really feel so bad today and so tired without strength and spirit . I hesitate that recently I always work till the midnight so I need a good rest . So keep your health in well situation .
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@KrauseHome (36521)
• United States
20 May 09
A little over a week ago I went thru a day where I was feeling great and then by nightfall I was not feeling well at all, and achy all over, nauseated, etc. The next morning I still felt horrible, so I stayed home from work. The next day I thought I was fine but had a headache like you were describing so came home from work and slept all night, and felt fine the next day. So hopefully this will happen for you too. Wishing you the Best.
@youetme (351)
• China
20 May 09
Thanks the god ,I am ok now . Everything is fine but only I feel a little tired because of much working everyday . I work till deep night so it is not good for me . Later I am going to have a good rest . The health is first in our life . So I hope everyone can keep a good body far away from all kinds of diseases. God bless you !
@dianmelydia (2269)
• Indonesia
19 May 09
It's not good if you only guessing about your health. Wheather it's swine flu or not, you shouldn't trifling a flu. It highly can harm you health. I recommend you to take medicine. If after one day those bad feelings persist, you'd better visit your doctor for medical treatment. I hope it's not a dangerous disease. Well soon. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@Beertjie (976)
• South Africa
19 May 09
I had flu a few weeks ago. I was as sick as a swine... Your body talks to you and tell you when you need rest. If you don't listen you will end up getting sick from nothing and will be forced to rest. I lost my health and it is not easy to life with this condition, so I urge healthy people to look after their health. Get some rest, hope you feel better soon. See my avater, swine flu, but still smiling... Blessings