Aung San Suu Kyi

@nashlix (186)
May 19, 2009 11:05am CST
Police have accused Ms Suu Kyi and her 2 servants (Khin Khin Win and Win Ma Ma) of breaking the State Protection Act for allowing American Mr Yettaw, 53, to swim to Ms Suu Kyi's Yangon compound on May 3 and stay there until the morning of May 6, when he was arrested while swimming in Inya Lake away from the house. No one is believing that Ms Suu Kyi will be acquitted of the charges and critics accused the Junta of using this incident as a pre-emptive move to keep Ms Suu Kyi in jail as it is a politically sensitive period leading up to a general election planned for next year. Is this even fair? Ms Aung San Suu Kyi is being punished indiscriminately without fairness or justification. What can anyone do if China and India, two countries that are in the position to influence Myanmar due to their economic ties, decide to play the role of onlookers and do not impose any sanctions on the rouge government of Myanmar. What is your view on that?
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@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
21 May 09
It is just politics. We can be so upset about it and protest on the street but do you think the government of Myanmar care? I mean unless some country is prepared to have a war against them that they won't care anything at all. Cuba has been placed in embargo by the most powerful country in the world and has Cuba ever changed their political stand? Peace, Fairness, Justice are all based on one and only one thing: Power. If you don't have the power, none of these makes any sense. Ms Suu Kyi lacks the required military support and thus cannot fight back the government.
@nashlix (186)
• Singapore
21 May 09
power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. that cannot be more true in the case of ms aung san suu kyi. i agree with you that real power lies with the army and without the military's backing, ms suu kyi cannot fight back the government. man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, man's capacity for injustice makes democracy neccessary. its sad to say that the latter applies to the government of myanmar.
@lampar (7591)
• United States
22 May 09
How can she "allow" the American swim to her house?? She is just a woman under house arrest with no authority to prevent any man from coming to her house, she does not have any body guard or family members staying with her in her prison, what these bunch of butchers (junta) trying to prove in their kangaroo court is just another laughing stock for us to see. If they so against an American man trying to reach her, then he is the one suppose to face charges in Myanmar for violating state law.